ISO 22301 Consulting

Business Continuity Consulting

Your organisation’s ability to continue to operate during a business disruption could be vital to its survival. Moreover, the ability to recover rapidly will undoubtedly enhance its reputation.

CIS consultants are highly qualified and experienced and been providing expert consulting services across the UK for over 10 years. We can advise on all aspects of business continuity risk management and incident management. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive, documented and fully integrated Business Continuity Management System.

Business Continuity Testing

We will put your plans and people to the test with realistic and engaging, testing and exercises. We can help you plan and execute all aspect of your business continuity test schedule from full-blown simulation tests to desktop exercises and call tree tests.

ISO 22301 Implementation

The business benefits of complying with ISO 22301 are substantial. Compliance with the standard ensures that your Business Continuity risks are managed cost-effectively communicates an important message to your customers and stakeholders.

ISO 22301 can play an important role in developing monitoring, review, maintenance and continuous improvement of your Business Continuity Management System. It will give other organisations and customers greater confidence in your ability to maintain business operations.

ISO 22301 is the de facto international standard for Business Continuity Management. Implementing the standard in your organisation will:-

  • Demonstrate your commitment to Business Continuity Management to third parties and stakeholders
  • Provide a framework to ensure fulfilment of your commercial, contractual and legal responsibilities
  • Provide a significant competitive advantage
  • Effectively be a license to trade with companies in certain regulated sectors
  • Provide for interoperability between organisations or groups within an organisation. Compliance with a recognised external standard is often used by management to demonstrate due diligence.

Our Approach

Our approach to ISO 22301 implementation engagements in the majority of cases is to first carry out a Gap Analysis of the organisation against the clauses and controls of the standard. This will provide a clear picture where you where you conform to the standard, where there are some controls in place but there is room for improvement and where controls are missing and need to be implemented.

This may be the extent of the assistance required. Alternatively, you may require additional assistance by way of advice and guidance and implementation management of suitable controls and documentation required to meet the standard.

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