cyber security services

Cyber Security Services

As the threat landscape evolves with increasing speed, it takes smarter cyber security services to deliver the right balance of policy, physical and technical controls to successfully protect your organisation. With the right combination of cyber security services and information security technology, you can operate more successfully in an increasingly connected world.

Choosing a Cyber Security Partner

Choosing the right cyber security services partner is important. You need a partner with extensive expertise in defending against a growing range of cyber threats. Choose a partner with broad implementation and management experience to complement your own security capabilities and fill in any knowledge gaps. And you need a partner with comprehensive connections to cyber security companies that enable you to put together the perfect mix of defences for your unique security challenges.

Personal Touch

At CIS, we are skilled enough to deliver but small enough to care and provide a personal service. We find this is particularly appreciated by our SME clients. We offer information security consulting and cyber security services that span the entire information security space. From defining strategy and identifying threats to deploying the right technology and ensuring operational compatibility, we help clients plan, build and run more successful security programs.

Focussed and Professional

Our highly focussed team of security professionals includes subject matter experts and security leaders have served hundreds of clients of various sizes across multiple industries. Their passion for pioneering new security solutions enables our clients to benefit from leading-edge cyber security services.

Cyber Security Services and Products

CIS cyber security services include:

  • Security Strategy Planning to align information security policy and strategy with business goals
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management to uncover and remediate flaws and vulnerabilities in your security systems
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management to better understand risk through an IT risk assessment and make informed decisions about managing it
  • Security Architecture and Implementation Management to help you make decisions about the right technology, architecture and projects to ensure enterprise and network security
  • Enterprise Incident Management to improve response to unauthorised intrusion attacks
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) to design, implement and test IAM systems that better enable business
  • Education and Awareness to promote behavior that can improve security and reduce risk
  • CISO Services to provide your team with ongoing security direction

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